Virtual School Network

Research (Means et al., 2013) supports that online learning outcomes do not differ significantly from face to face learning outcomes.  To read the full research paper, go to the Resources page or see The Effectiveness of Online and Blended Learning: A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature (PDF).



ViSN (Virtual School Network) is a network of CEWA schools that work together to develop and deliver online courses.  Commencing in 2018, ViSN offers a range of courses with plans to expand the courses available to a variety of year groups.


Points of difference

The VISN model has been intentionally designed to reflect best practice for K-12 online learning, highlighted by 6 key points of difference.

How it works

Students remain enrolled in their own school and are timetabled for 5 periods. One of those 5 periods is a Skype lesson with the teacher and other students studying the same course. In the other 4 periods, students work either independently or collaboratively on work set by the teacher.


Students access their daily lessons via a course OneNote and use Teams to communicate with their Teacher.


Support for Students

Student enrolled in ViSN courses are well supported by a Mentor (based in their own school) and course teachers.  The ViSN Communication Policy clearly outlines requirements for all stakeholders, including a 24 hour (maximum) turn around time for teachers to respond to student questions.  The weekly Skype lesson is also used to build a strong learning community, in addition to other strategies.

2019 Year 11 ViSN Course Offerings

  • Biology
  • Certificate III Business
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Human Biology
  • Maths Specialist
  • Modern History

2019 Year 12 ViSN Course Offerings

  • Biology
  • Economics
  • English
  • Geography
  • Health Studies
  • Human Biology
  • Maths Specialist
  • Modern History

Why Join?

Schools have opted to join ViSN for a number of reasons:

Retain Enrolments

Flexible Timetable

Increase Offerings

Teacher PL

Staffing Issues

Unwell Students

Elite Athletes

Get involved

There are two ways for schools to get involved with ViSN:


Design and Deliver

A school nominates a teacher to design and deliver a course.  Teachers are supported by the LEADing Lights team to create a course that reflects best practice for online delivery.  Teachers are involved in face-to-face and online training over the 12 months prior to delivery and are engaged in on-going professional learning.

In return, schools receive 15 free enrolments for students to use for enrolment in any ViSN courses.


Fee for Service

Created for schools who are not able to access the ‘Design and Deliver’ option, schools enrol students in a ViSN course, for a fee.  Students remain enrolled in their own school and need to be timetabled for 5 periods of the relevant ViSN course.

More information


Meredith Roe |

Virtual School Program Manager