Our Vision

Transforming learning for all has been at the centre of LEADing Lights from its inception. Every person working on the initiative is committed to realising this vision, by creating a platform which is truly innovative, intelligent and integrated, with real potential to change education not only within Catholic Education Western Australia – but around the world.
– Aidan McCarthy, Head of Digital Transformation, LEADing Lights

At Catholic Education Western Australia, we seek to empower and enhance the work of educators, leaders, staff and parents, to cultivate happy and healthy 21st-century learners, who are prepared for the demands of the changing world and empowered to succeed.

LEADing Lights is an end to end digital platform for all Catholic schools in Western Australia, encompassing communication, collaboration, finance, administration, data storage, advanced analytics, reporting and more. As a landmark digital transformation initiative, LEADing Lights is taking us to the future of education, and helping our community come together under one identity, allowing us to share, communicate and collaborate in ways we haven’t experienced before.

Powered by a series of digital transformation projects , this exciting system-wide initiative will see us create a personalised digital learning ecosystem for every Catholic school across the state.

Ultimately, everyone across CEWA will have access to an integrated suite of tools, cloud services, storage, communications, collaboration, student management systems and a professional learning and development environment. These will help ensure every student achieves their full potential, every teacher delivers inspiring learning, and every school becomes a flourishing, successful learning community.

Our Obligation to Excellence

As the Bishops’ Mandate tells us, for a school to be Catholic it must first be a good school in order to fulfil its mission. As such, every member of the CEWA community is called upon to provide a high standard of education, and continually develop and improve our schools and communities.

Already, educators throughout the state are using LEADing Lights tools to enhance their teaching, crafting learning experiences which engage students and spark their creativity. Projects such as Administration of Schools allow schools to continuously improve and evaluate their successes, and connectedness to other schools empowers leaders to share their successes and commit ourselves to continuous improvement as a cohesive learning community.

Prepared for the Future

LEADing Lights cultivates learners for a continually changing world. As the skills and demands required in careers beyond school evolve, it is our obligation to ensure our students are well-equipped for success. We prepare our students for success not only today, but in the future, by creating a platform that is not only at the cutting edge of educational technology today, but has the potential to continuously improve and ensure CEWA schools and their students will always have access to world-class tools and technology to enable learning.

Building Equity Everyday

Western Australia is the largest state in the country, and Catholic schools are separated by vast distances. Throughout the state, not all schools have the same access to the resources, funding, and expertise that is needed for all schools to succeed and improve. The LEADing Lights platform provides schools with the means to bridge these divides and overcome barriers, enabling a system where every school can have access to world-class tools such as Office 365, learning resources through Claned, and opportunities for distance learning through the Virtual Schools Network. LEADing Lights enables all students to prosper, regardless of context or circumstance.