With greater visibility of student performance, accessible professional development opportunities, and intuitive assessment tools, teachers’ workload is reduced – and they’re empowered to better serve the learners in their care.

More Time, Better Resources

Easy to use tools for marking, reporting and attendance ensure teachers are always on top of their work. Enhancing teaching is simple, with access to powerful productivity apps for educators and students.

Dynamic, Collaborative Abilities

Using the latest cloud-based tools, teachers can communicate and work with students, colleagues and leaders from anywhere state-wide. Whether at school, at home, or half a world away, real-time collaboration is only a click away.

Personalised Professional Development

Using the Claned platform, educators can virtually access professional learning resources, tools and lesson plans throughout the CEWA system.

I am absolutely loving using OneNote and parents have gone crazy for it, being able to have access to all of the materials, notes, handouts in class as well as support materials and extension opportunities!

CEWA Teacher

Where can I find training resources?

In the “Resources” tab of this page, you can find a variety of tool-based trainings in different formats, including quick-start guides, video webinars, and professional development kits.

For beginners, our “Teacher Playbook” is the best place to get started with new tools, and show you how to begin enhancing your work with LEADing Lights.

Access LEADing Lights Resources here.

When can I start using the Teacher Portal?

The Teacher Portal is on track for release to Primary Schools in early 2018, and Secondary schools in Semester Two 2018. Following school migration to the Admin of Schools platform, teachers will then be able to sign into their Portal.

Will I receive training or support?

A number of Professional Learning opportunities are available to staff at a variety of roles and skill levels – workshops, training and support sessions are currently available under the “LEADing Lights” tab on the CEWA Professional Learning Portal. Other opportunities may be available for clusters of schools who require more customised training.

More about LEADing Lights Professional Learning.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to access my work?

Not necessarily. LEADing Lights uses cloud-based Office 365 software to store your files, which synchronises between your personal device and an online storage space. You are able to work on your files offline, and your work will be saved and synced online when a connection is re-established.

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