Support Staff

Running a school is a complex business. LEADing Lights is here to simplify the wide range of activities school staff undertake every day to allow the school to succeed using one central, tailor-built platform for education. Whether you’re an accountant, an administrator, an education assistant or a receptionist, LEADing Lights makes it easier to get your work done.

Optimised Reporting & Tracking

With the Admin of Schools platform, data no longer needs to be located, extracted and translated. Automated processes can generate and distribute regular reports – or on demand, any time you need.

Tailor Built for Schools

LEADing Lights’ new tools for school management weren’t just picked from a list, they have been specifically built for schools. No need to stress about adapting to the tools – these tools have been adapted to you.

Streamlined Communications

With all staff on one platform, we all speak the same language. New tools to simplify communication ensures everyone in your school is on the same page, improving efficiency and ensuring you achieve your goals.

Our young people are actually teaching our old people how to use technology which is fantastic, I reckon.

Rebecca Cox, Aboriginal Teachers Assistant, Sacred Heart School

Will I receive training in my role?

Training materials and professional learning opportunities will be available for staff.

While the Admin of Schools platform provides time-of-need guidance which streamlines many tasks, familiarisation will obviously be vital for schools to succeed after transitioning to the Admin of Schools platform. A variety of video tutorials, overviews and written guides will be available from 6-8 weeks before each school migration to ensure ease and comfort when you access the new system for the first time.

The Digital Transformation team also operates professional learning events and opportunities both online and offline around the state. While these are generally focused to teachers, we are more than happy to provide tailored guidance and support for non-teaching staff on request.

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When can I start using my LEADing Lights tools?

Credentials have been distributed to all CEWA staff and students in 2017, giving all staff access to Office 365 & Tools and support materials for their usage.

The Admin of Schools platform is on track to deploy over 2018, commencing with Primary schools in Term 2, after a thorough testing and vetting period. Secondary school vetting will commence in July, and the platform is expected to be ready to deploy by October, which will subsequently give schools access to the Portals and Insight modules.

Who will be able to see my data?

Schools are in the driver’s seat when it comes to governance and ownership of your school data. Your school leadership decides who gets access or oversight to different information. There’s no risk of students clicking the wrong link and finding their classmates grades – permissions and privacy are thoroughly governed by a best-in-class identity management system.

More about LEADing Lights Identity Management and Governance. 


Does Admin of Schools make accrual accounting easier?

Short answer, yes.

It is now a legal requirement that schools use accrual accounting to manage their finances, and to that end, Admin of Schools finance modules have been specifically designed and streamlined for accrual accounting. The familiarisation and training materials are there to ensure you are able to quickly and easily get your work done using the new system.

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