Technology is embedded in most aspects of our lives. To help our students for the world of tomorrow, LEADing Lights can amplify collaboration and communication skills with a new range of tools and can strengthen their digital literacy.

Access from Anywhere

LEADing Lights uses cloud technology to enable students to access their tools anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, at school, or on the mobile on the go, as long as you have an internet connection you have access to everything the LEADing Lights platform has to offer.

Future-Proofing Your Education

A student entering kindergarten in 2018 will graduate from Year 12 in 2032. No-one can know for certain how learning will evolve in the next 14 years, just as in 2004 we could only have guessed at what the world would look like today. The LEADing Lights platform is built to be extensible and flexible, in order to respond and evolve as schools’ needs change over time, and equip today’s students for success tomorrow.

One Identity, Many Tools

The credentials each student receives will be perpetual throughout their entire schooling from K-12. Even when moving to a different CEWA school, student credentials will be unchanged, ensuring students will always have access to files they have created, emails they have received, and documents that have been shared with them.

OneNote would definitely be my favourite part of our new devices. I really like how I can write on the screen to record all my notes for all subjects. I enjoy... not always needing to type. I can easily catch up on missed work due to the layout of OneNote... I am no longer as dependent on notebooks and can now communicate more quickly and easily with my teacher.

Emily, Year 12, Kearnan College

When can students begin using LEADing Lights?

Students have already received access to their new credentials and Office 365 licenses, and will be able to access the Student Portal following their schools’ migration to Admin of Schools in 2018.

These tools are accessible from the CEWA Portal here.

What do students get from LEADing Lights?

LEADing Lights’ student offering is delivered in three parts:

Firstly, their new CEWA credential. Students’ new online identity is perpetual throughout their education in CEWA schools, and is their single online identity for all LEADing Lights tools, with no need to sign in and out between different services.

Secondly, the Office 365 platform, a suite of productivity tools tailor-made for education. With different applications for document editing, communication and collaboration, and cloud storage, students have access to best-in-class tools. With an online interface and a license allowing for installation on five different devices, students have access to world-class productivity software wherever they go.

Thirdly, the Student Portal. For students, this is where administrative tasks such as viewing timetables, results and school notices take place. More features are currently in development and will be announced as they are confirmed and deployed.

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Why use technology instead of traditional learning methods?

Technology in the classroom does not replace the teacher or the learning methods. In fact, the role of technology in the classroom is to assist and enhance the work of the teacher. For example, Microsoft OneNote can be used by teachers to distribute content to a class, provide a collaboration space both inside and outside of the classroom, and give real-time feedback on students’ work. Using this technology does not change the content provided, the way students learn the curriculum, or the relationship between the student and teacher. Rather, the technology simply provides a easy and convenient medium to facilitate learning.

Other improvements such as rapid and detailed feedback and data analytics serve both to better inform and empower teachers, as well as to ensure meaningful technology integration – in short, we benchmark and analyse in order to ensure the integration of technology in a classroom is for the good of the students and the sake of learning, and not for the sake of trendiness.

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