The following resources are free for you to use. These documents provide a good overview of the LEADing Lights program and our adoption journey as we engage in digital transformation across our system.

AoS Adoption Journey Poster

AoS adoption journey poster for schools.

AoS Deployment Guide

A guide for schools that are transitioning into the AoS system.

2018 Implementation Journey

A poster that describes the implementation journey for schools migrating to AoS.

AoS Brochure

AoS brochure for principals and schools that describes the features of the system.

LEADing Lights Brochure (2018)

Overview of the LEADing Lights program.

LEADing Light Handbook (2017)

Handbook for Principals that describes the implementation of the LL platform for schools.

Journey Map (2017)

A journey map for schools that describes the implementation process for LL.

LEADing Lights Guide

A printable flapper for O365 tools.

Working with Teams

A beginner's guide to using Team in the classroom.

Class Planning with Teams and OneNote

A beginner's guide to using Teams and OneNote for class planning.

Storing and Sharing with OneDrive

A beginner's guide to storing and sharing files with OneDrive, Claned and Teams.

TransitUs Article

Article published in the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling.