Parents & Community

The world is changing. The skills we equip our children with must change to meet demand – digital literacy, problem solving and adaptability are among the most sought-after skills for young job-seekers. LEADing Lights empowers students by giving schools tools with the power to cultivate engaged and focused learners, and the transparency to show that your child is receiving the best learning experience.

Classrooms without Borders

Experience learning beyond the walls of the classroom. With the ability to access tools wherever they are in the world and CEWA’s Virtual Schools Network (ViSN) breaking down barriers of geography, health, and even timetabling, your child can experience learning without limits.

A Single View

Your Parent Portal is your window into your child’s education. View academic results, reports and care notes, view account information and create new applications, all in one place – even if your children are at different schools.

One Unified Community

For the first time, parents, teachers, school leaders and students are on one unified system, secured by military-grade privacy, security and governance technology. This enables safe and secure system-wide collaboration, ensuring your child is safe and secure.

Since our daughter has been using the new LEADing Lights tools on her iPad, she has been able to share her daily schoolwork with us. Because of this,we have been able to engage with her learning and support her at home in a more meaningful way. We feel included in her learning more and more.

Alicia and Ben Raguseo, CEWA Parents

Why is this technology being implemented in Catholic schools?

CEWA is committed to using technology to augment and accelerate the high standard of learning which already takes place in Catholic schools. Using feedback and data from teachers, students and leaders, we ensure that technology is only implemented in classrooms to the benefit of students.

What can I access as a parent?

Parents will have access to a specialised “Parent Portal”, allowing you to view academic results, reports, and pastoral care notes, create and track new applications, and finances.

In addition, each CEWA student receives an Office 365 software license, enabling them to install Microsoft’s productivity suite on 5 separate devices at school and at home – meaning your family can get the benefits of LEADing Lights tools too!

Who can access my child’s data?

As ever, ownership of student data remains with the student’s school. Your school’s policies and procedures determine how and when this information is used, so you can be sure your child’s privacy is as secure as ever.

Will LEADing Lights affect my school fees?

School fees are set at a school level, based on their individual needs and costs. However, the additional benefits LEADing Lights provides will not cost schools any more than is currently paid, and is intended to be cost neutral at a school level by 2020.

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