Modes of Delivery

Face to Face

Professional learning delivered in person either at CEWA Leederville, Newman Siena Centre or hosted at a school.

These sessions can be whole day, half day or held after school. To ensure these events are sustainable, schools are encouraged to cluster together in attendance to allow our team to scale our face to face visits across the system.

School Cluster Events

Hosted at schools, these events are conducted face to face where a small number of schools bring all their staff together for a day of professional learning from the Digital Transformation team that can incorporate all or some of the following sessions as determined by participating leaders.


  • LEADing Lights overview and the future of education session,
  • Digital pedagogical workflows session (Primary = Year Levels, Secondary = Learning Areas),
  • Office 365 tools training session,
  • School adoption conversations session,
  • Teacher-led sharing,
  • Customised sessions upon request.

How-To Training Events

These events are designed for those seeking training in the LEADing Lights tools, including Office365. Both beginners and advanced sessions are available.


  • Claned (All Staff)
  • Forms (All Staff)
  • Minecraft Education Edition (Teachers)
  • Office365 Overview (All Staff)
  • OneDrive (All Staff)
  • OneNote (All Staff)
  • OneNote‚Äôs Class Notebook (Teachers)
  • Sway (All Staff)
  • Teams (All Staff)
  • Teams and Class Notebook (Teachers)

Please note: Training events are held in the school holidays.

Live Online Training

Professional learning delivered online in delivered in real time via Polycom or Skype for Business.

These sessions can be one-way demonstrations or interactive. Live webinars allow for recipient questions to be addressed in real time by presenters.

Live Virtual Guidance

In 2018 we are working to connect schools with flexible and exceptional virtual support and continuously improve online service provision. Live online webinars are regularly conducted by the digital transformation team and partners as advertised in the PL Calendar All webinars are recorded and uploaded to Stream.

Live Virtual Training

More thorough live virtual training sessions on the LEADing Lights tools can be conducted upon request.

Pre-recorded virtual How-To Training on the tools of LEADing Lights are hosted online via Stream. Please visit and login with your CEWA credentials. You can search for any of the tools and engage with the content virtually.


Professional learning content available anytime, anywhere hosted online via Stream, Claned, Playbooks and the Microsoft Educator Community.

Online content in multiple forms; video, documents, short courses and a range of resources for staff across the system.

Access our Playbooks

Note that you will need your CEWA credentials to access.

On-Demand Virtual Content

There are many recorded screencasts of Office 365 demonstrations currently hosted on Stream for anyone to access anytime on-demand. Please visit and login with your CEWA credentials to access these resources.


  • Getting started with OneDrive
  • Getting started with Office 365
  • Technology Integration Matrix Tools
  • Introduction to Teams
  • CLANED basics
  • Embedding inteactive content into OneNote
  • OneNote and FlipGrid integration
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Building a workflow with OneNote and Outlook
  • Getting started with Minecraft Edu
  • PowerBI Training

Professional Learning Communities

Professional learning communities available anytime, anywhere via Teams.

Professional learning communities and networks initiated by individuals, schools and offices for groups of educators who have a shared interest or goal. Members of the PLC facilitate this mode of learning.