With the tools to benefit your community and the insight to understand why, you can plug your school in to the world around it. Create, monitor and evaluate your school strategy with access to rich support networks, resources, and the collective genius of 162 Catholic schools, 4 offices and early learning care centres statewide.

Connecting Your Community

 With teachers, parents, students and administrators all on the same system, communication and collaboration are easier than ever. Integrating previously fragmented and complex systems essential to school operations, LEADing Lights enables schools to push through structural and geographical barriers between schools, uniting all 162 Catholic schools, 4 offices and early learning care centres throughout the state into a single learning community.

Insight On Demand

By unifying school data onto one central platform, LEADing Lights enables school leaders to identify and address the needs of students, staff and school. Leaders can avoid risks and weaknesses before they happen, while discovering key relationships, correlations and connections which drive their school’s success.

All-in-One School Management

The LEADing Lights platform is an end-to-end solution – meaning every digital service your school needs is integrated within the system. World-class enterprise tools for managing human resources, finance, marketing, facility management, strategic planning and project management enable leaders to easily streamline and manage your school processes.

Our HPE department has taken to Teams very quickly, its a great place to collaborate on documents and coordinate the use of our facilities - we don't double book ourselves anymore. We have also used it very effectively for planning and ideation, formulating new plans and letting them develop as the conversation evolves.

Scott Hodgen, Head of Health and Physical Education, St Norbert College

What do I get as school leader?

In addition to the Office 365 suite supplied to all staff, leaders have access to specifically designed tools to assist in managing their schools.

With Admin of Schools, leaders can access management processes and services essential to the oversight of schools, allowing them to manage their school from one central online space.

Leaders will also have access to powerful analytics connected to school data streams, allowing school goals to be prioritised and streamlined.

Will my school receive training?

Yes. To enable your staff and students to make the most of this system, we have created a variety of professional development resources, accessible through Stream, Claned and this website.

A variety of Professional Learning events are also available across the state for CEWA staff to attend.

Will this affect my school's autonomy?

As always, Catholic schools operate autonomously with CEWA providing governance and support as needed. Schools remain independent in determining their strategy, pedagogy, content.

The intention of LEADing Lights is to equitably provide all schools with high-level tools to augment and enhance current practice. We encourage schools to take advantage of these tools as far as they align with school pedagogy and context, as we believe it provides value to everyone.

Where do I get started?

Leaders can get started right now with the Leaders Playbook. The Playbook gives you an introduction on how LEADing Lights can enhance your school’s practice, and how to get started with the different tools on offer.

Access the Leaders Playbook here. 

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