Virtual Celebration (ViSN)

Virtual Celebration (ViSN)

Regional students participate in first ever TransitUs Virtual Celebration.

This week saw the culminating activity for TransitUS take place; our virtual celebration. Students from all over the state had a chance to share their TransitUS experiences and celebrate the transition from local rural primary schools to secondary boarding schools. The two schools that were involved in the pilot program for 2018 were Mazenod College and St Brigid’s College.

The celebration was attended by the students, their parents and buddies from the Colleges. The last online session was an excellent opportunity for students to share their learnings from the program and ask questions to their new school buddies. To help create a party atmosphere, we sent the students party packs to open on the day of the call. The packs included:

  • a party bag with party food, poppers, whistles and treats
  • a letter from their new school buddies
  • a letter to their parents from house mothers and current boarding parents
  • a letter from our team
  • a gift from their new school and
  • a raffle ticket to our prize draw!

The celebration was a massive success with parents emailing to express their thanks:

Thank you Nicole Adams, Meredith Roe & Ginno Kelley.  This has been a fantastic program and a great introduction to boarding school.  Ociana was stoked to get a letter from her buddy yesterday, long with her treats and I really appreciated the letter I received, a lot of great tips for next year!    It’s a fantastic initiative and I know Ociana is less apprehensive about  going  away because of it.  Thank You. 

The four part program was the first for our system. While only a pilot, the feedback received from parents demonstrates its success. Comments include:

Thank you for the program it’s been fabulous and has helped Zaine over a few hurdles when things got to hard for him and he wanted to give up ,and I believe by doing this program it will help him with adapting to life in boarding and school. Thanks, Vanessa.

A big thank you to you, Meredith and Ginno for the TransitUs programme.  It has been wonderful for the kids to get to know each other a little bit more prior to heading off to boarding.  It has certainly made a difference to Matthew. It has certainly made us a lot happier knowing that he has formed friendships already and will hopefully won’t be so overwhelmed when he gets to Mazenod.  You all should be very proud of TransitUs and what it has done for the kids confidence.  I will certainly be recommending TransitUs to all parents that I come across who will be sending their kids off to boarding in the associated schools.

We look forward to seeing these students continue to flourish when they enter our CEWA schools and transition in to their new learning environments.


Hear from some of the students about their experience below: