Enabling Learning Paths in Claned

Enabling Learning Paths in Claned

Learning paths make it possible to tailor a course, unit, or a subject for different groups of students.  A learning path is a sequence of learning activities. The board creator can create learning paths based on learning interests, prior knowledge, or ambition level.  The Learning Path feature lets the instructor easily see each student’s progress in the class and which activities have been completed, are in progress, or have not been viewed.  Learning Paths in Claned help you clearly see each student’s participation with the learning resources you provide.

Learning Paths Example

Enable Learning Path

You can easily turn on the Learning Path feature when you create your board or from the Edit Board view.  Below the Board Description box, tick the Enable Learning Path box.  This will turn on the learning path feature for your board.  You can then create as many learning paths as you need.  Click the image to view it larger.

Student Track learning activities

Student Created Tasks

Learning Paths make it easier for students to be able to track their progress and begin to take ownership of their own learning.   Students can add to-do tasks/activities in their assigned learning path.

Add activity
added activity task

Tracking Student Progress

You can quickly track all student’s progress across each activity in the learning path. The students’ names appears down the left hand side of a table, while the learning activities appear across the top.  Each cell is marked with a progress status icon.  Green status means the student has completed that particular activity, Yellow shows that the student has started the activity, and the last status shows that the student has not opened the activity.  Claned Learning Paths can help you identify students who may be struggling with the content.  You can see if the student has not yet accepted the learning path as well as students who have stopped engaging with the content.

Learning Path - track class progress

As a teacher you also gain additional metrics about each student’s participation with learning content and assessments, including time spent on each activity.  As a teacher you receive a report on three different tabs for each student:

  • Progress – shows how many activities the student has completed and how long they are active in that activity. This includes PDF and PowerPoint files that you post to the learning path.


  • Comments – Students can make comments or notes within each learning article in Claned.  These articles can be videos, PDF files, Word documents and other types of files that you upload to your Claned board.  Students can highlight and make comments or notes directly in the files via Claned.  You now have insight into the notes or comments your students make on each learning article. Learning Paths surfaces those comments in an easy to read report for each student.


  • Assessments –  Those created in Claned come with Time and progress reports.  You can see the date and time a student began an assessment, the amount of time necessary for the student to complete the test, their score, and their responses to each question.

Provide Feedback on this Feature

This feature is a beta release and you will see updates and improvements to its functionality in the coming months.  Provide your feedback on about Learning Paths or other features in Claned by joining the CLANED Connectors group on Teams or Yammer.