Towards an Adaptive Education System

Towards an Adaptive Education System

Australian school education faces three major challenges: improving student learning in core academic areas; better preparing young people for adult life; and closing the gap between the nation’s educational have and have-nots. The only way to tackle all these challenges at once is to make our education system more adaptive. (Grattan 2017 Report Summary)

With LEADing Lights, an adaptive education system includes environments in which people are empowered to take action for the benefit of our students and communities. We created a People-Environment-Action Model to show the kinds of integrated connected environments that are well suited to growth across the system.

Leading Lights enables an adaptive system as detailed in the table below:

ReportLEADing Lights Components
Teachers and schools must be better able to track the progress of their students over time in ways that directly inform their teaching.A single digital credential identifies each student and all information

Centralised data actively used in Dynamics 365 and archived in data platform


Data visualizations for staff, students and families
We need to continue building better ways to spread and share information and practices, both within schools and across schools.Leading Lights website and News, using a bot

Content sharing in Stream and the Claned system

Professional learning communities and classes in Teams

Sharing and collaboration in SharePoint and Office 365

Measures of progress using Technology Integration Matrix Tools
Australia should make better use of its most expert teachers, using them to teach other teachers and spread evidence at scale.Training programs including Skype webinars, Stream tutorials, Claned boards

Teacher sharing events and communities

Teams PLCs

Sway and OneNote playbooks and guides
Teachers and school leaders should do more to embrace the benefits that come from standardising elements of teaching practice.O365 Education Resources aligned to curriculum

Claned content sharing
Schools and systems need to innovate more systematically and intentionally to prepare their students for a changing world.Virtual school with courses taught in Teams with Claned content

Student use of Minecraft, Skype, Imagine Academy

Partnerships with community youth organisations
Policy makers need to change the way they think about system leadership. In an adaptive education system, the ultimate role of the centre is system design.Dynamics and Cortana Intelligence for reporting to guide policy

Collaboration across regions and schools

Program research enabled by the Azure data platform