Next Generation Digital Learning Environment in LEADing Lights

Next Generation Digital Learning Environment in LEADing Lights

A Next Generation Digital Learning Environment combines a networked learning environment and an adaptive learning model enabled by advances in technology, machine learning, AI, and learning science. The potential of the NGDLE is to augment and enhance learning by connecting learners with instructors and peers meaningfully to enable, accelerate, and support learning. Its transformational impact comes through networked learning and smart pathways accelerated with timely, pinpointed interventions and nudges that augment teacher facilitation. (Educause, 2015, 2017)

How has LEADing Lights provided a Digital Learning Environment?

LEADing Lights integrates purpose-built cloud-based learning tools in Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, and the Claned content sharing system to serve individual student learning and an adaptive state-wide education system (Goss, 2017).

Examples of the capabilities of our digital learning environment include:

  • Rich digital content
    • Reputable searchable standards-aligned education resources accessed within OneNote and standards-aligned assessments accessed within Forms
    • Recommendations powered by Office Graph and Claned analytics
    • Locally created video in Stream channels and a full range of locally created resources in Claned boards
    • Integration of content into the collaborative learning experience in Teams classes with Class Notebook
  • Engaging learning experiences
    • Designed for a range of learning needs enabled by constant instant access to searchable education resources
    • Tailored learning pathways and personal feedback provided in Teams, Class Notebook assignments and Claned
  • Facilitating student progress
    • Informed by longitudinal views into student work, student ownership and portability of work from year to year and school to school, and parent viewing in Office 365
    • Visualization of student and cohort trends using Power BI
    • Access to all student information in Dynamics 365, with no sending of records when students change CEWA schools
    • Advanced analytics for meaningful insights with Cortana Intelligence
  • Collaborative learning, teaching and leadership
    • Integrated suite of tools for large group notices in Yammer, task group conversation and calls in Teams, and general voice calls and meetings in Skype for Business
    • With monitoring, safety, security and discovery
    • Comfort of no external and commercial use of education data

NGDLE Components and the LEADing Lights platform


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