Our Communities


It’s time for educators to re-imagine teaching and learning. Design learning experiences that spark student creativity – and understand more about how to help every student, every step of the way.


Equipping your school with leading tools for teaching, administration, marketing and finance, LEADing Lights helps you to connect your community in one central platform. Intelligent data analysis and increased capacity for communication and collaboration ensure your school is always ahead of the curve and ready for new enhancements.


Experience learning in a classroom without borders. LEADing Lights is an end-to-end integrated platform providing students access to tools and services tailor-made to their ever-changing needs.

Communities and Parents

Our children deserve the best, and LEADing Lights enables schools to give it to them. Our platform uses enterprise-grade security, privacy, and toolsets that empower our CEWA community to reach further than ever before.

Support Staff

Support staff will get access to enterprise-grade tools that include more robust security, privacy and collaboration tools. Staff will also have access to system-wide analytics that will make it easier to find insights related to academics, finance and administration.

Virtual Schools Network (ViSN)

Virtual learning opportunities provide equitable access to quality online education and addresses barriers to learning such as distance, access to expertise, timetabling issues, student well being issues and transition to post-school study.