Teachers will be able to educate in more flexible and contemporary ways, while taking advantage of exciting pathways for tailored personal learning and professional development


How will LEADing Lights help teachers?

LEADing Lights frees teachers up to reimagine learning. They can use flexible, contemporary technology and tools to introduce flipped classrooms and more personalised learning.

From the earliest years LEADing lights enables carers and teachers to track, analyse and develop play-based learning. It also supports diagnostic and virtual portfolios for every child and easier connections with parents to support involvement.

All teachers will be incorporated into the same single system bringing them powerful tools, as well as consistency in HR and governance.


  • LEADing Lights is evergreen. It will develop in line with your teaching needs and society’s technological advancements. It is the first time all tools and content have been brought into one, easily accessible space. This means no more logging in and out of different systems, with one login you can access everything you need.
  • LEADing Lights and its tools can be used on ANY device for anytime, anywhere learning. You can use your existing equipment, whether you use iPads or Surface, laptops or desktops, LEADing Lights is platform agnostic!
  • LEADing Lights also opens exciting pathways for personalised, professional development by allowing teachers to achieve new competencies. The Personal Learning and Development system uses machine learning to profile teachers' progress and ambitions, and suggests appropriate courses and certifications.
  • Teachers can extend teaching beyond the four walls of the classroom through video conferencing, and can support multiple learning styles with tools that let teachers create movies, podcasts, presentations, websites and interactive learning experiences.
  • Effortless collaboration and communication between schools (and everyone in them) is fundamental to the new ecosystem. Teachers will benefit from the collective wisdom, diversity, intellectual property and resources of our community.
  • It is about accessibility – not to replace the teacher, but to enable teachers and students to spend more time teaching and learning.
  • Ultimately, by using technology to take care of routine tasks and artificial intelligence to collect and analyse data, teachers can focus more of their time on their core business of educating.