Our students are the inspiration for transformation and innovation…


How will LEADing Lights help students?

It will make student life a great deal easier and more efficient. Instead of using different programs for different classes, students will login into the system and access everything they need in the one place.

It is easy to use and has a modern, engaging interface. LEADing Lights will keep students on track and on task by reminding them when tests are scheduled, classroom changes and even making study recommendations.

LEADing Lights is highly focused on student wellbeing and uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor each and every student through surveys, emoticons, attendance, academic results and text analysis. As a result, teachers will be alerted to potential problems and be able to help students when they need it most.

Ultimately, LEADing Lights is student-centred learning that doesn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.


  • LEADing Lights will learn and grow with new technology. It is a brand new system built to connect the needs of students with the very latest technology.
  • No more wasting time logging in and out of different programs, LEADing Lights has everything you need in the one place.
  • Use an iPad? Surface? Laptop? Desktop? LEADing Lights doesn’t mind how you access it, the system and its tools can be used on ANY device for anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Group learning is an essential element to modern education, with LEADing Lights students can collaborate on projects and share ideas whether they are in the same classroom or at schools at either end of Western Australia.
  • If a school does not offer a particular subject, students may be able to access it through the new Virtual School, being developed to fill gaps and improve courses available to remote and marginalised students.