School Leaders

Our schools are being transformed into hubs of innovation and inspiration for our communities…


How will LEADing Lights help schools?

LEADing Lights is a single digital ecosystem for all CEWA schools and early years’ centres, as well as central and regional offices.

It will replace your school’s old IT system and programs with a modern, simple and easy-to-use interface from which you will access all educational and administrative tools.

All CEWA schools will use the LEADing Lights system, this will connect students, teachers, principals, resources, support networks and parents. LEADing Lights is designed to foster a powerful social learning community and equip students with the 21st century technologies and deep learning skills they need to reach their full potential. It will learn and grow with the needs of your school.


  • LEADing Lights is evergreen. It will develop in line with the needs of your school and society’s technological advancements. It is the first time all tools and content have been brought into one, easily accessible space. This means no more logging in and out of different systems, with one login you can access everything you need.
  • LEADing Lights and its tools can be used on ANY device for anytime, anywhere learning. You can use your existing equipment, whether you use iPads or Surface, laptops or desktops, LEADing Lights is platform agnostic!
  • Effortless collaboration and communication between schools (and everyone in them) is fundamental to the new ecosystem. Teachers, students and parents will benefit from the collective wisdom, diversity, intellectual property and resources of our community.
  • With LEADing Lights, school leaders will facilitate change and innovation. We are establishing collaborative professional learning and a Virtual School is also being developed to fill gaps and improve courses available to remote and marginalised students.
  • Ultimately, by using technology to take care of routine tasks and artificial intelligence to collect and analyse data, schools can focus more of their time on their core business of educating.