School Improvement Directorate sparks system LEADing Lights

CEWA’s School Improvement Directorate headed to Cairns to present at the 4th National Diocesan System School Improvement Colloquium, August 3-4.

The Colloquium theme – Catholic School Improvement – Impact on ALL Students – placed young people and their needs at the centre of school improvement.

Members of CEWA’s School Improvement Directorate shared their Team’s journey, explaining how their focus had shifted from compliance to catalysing collaboration and transformation with schools.

“We’ve matured as a system,” said Dr Tony Curry, Director of School Improvement.

“It’s more about supporting schools through research and guidance…enhancing processes already at the school by linking schools together in learning networks,” he said.

To illustrate this shift, the School Improvement Directorate presented with CEWA’s Infant Jesus School, who explained how digital technologies had accelerated and scaled quality teaching and learning at their school.

Schools such as Infant Jesus have leveraged technology not just to enrich teaching and learning in their own contexts but to develop online and offline networks that support CEWA teachers and schools.

The School Improvement presentation also touched on the way CEWA’s Virtual Schools Network and its online-personalised professional learning portal, Claned – are becoming conduits through which the system shares and learns together.