Right here, right now. Minecraft Education Edition is ready for staff and students  

Guess what? Students have access to Minecraft Education for free, and so do staff.  

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world digital environment where educators can motivate and inspire students to problem solve, achieve, and genuinely engage their students in their learning.  

There are amazing communities of educators around the world who swear by Minecraft – including CEWA educators:  

“I’ve seen some great results and a lot of enthusiasm for Minecraft in the classroom” says Trevor Galbraith, Director of Innovation and Research at Servite College.  

“For kids, they know Minecraft as a game, but when you put it in an education environment, you’re giving them a familiar, fun world where they can be engaged while learning and working productively.” 

The Minecraft Education community allows you to connect with other educators for collaboration and support, participate in community discussions, discuss and save your favourite content, and contribute your own content and lesson plans. Click here to get started in the Microsoft Education community now.

There are Minecraft-driven lesson plans and class resources for a variety of age groups and subjects from English and Visual Art, to Economics and Mathematics. Head to the website check them out! Students can design and create a model of the human body, explore Medieval Britain or Tang Dynasty China, or create a functioning three-branch government within their class.  

Wondering where to start? Just download Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows or macOS right now to start exploring.