Curiosity Academy



Ever made a great unit and shared it with a busy colleague to save time? Were they grateful? Of course. Has the reverse happened to you? Thought so. CEWA's Curiosity Academy is our personal learning and professional development initiative that allows you to create more friends you can depend on for quality lessons, ideas and collaborations.

CEWA 365 gathers your materials and enables sharing across the same platform, and Curiosity Academy allows cross system sharing of professional development and recommends personalised programs to you. Curiosity Academy will also become our Virtual Schools (ViSN) platform, which is currently under development.

Project Delivery

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Key Features

  • System wide professional development
  • Cross-system collaboration
  • Personalised learning

Key Dates

  • February: Testing

  • April – July: Staff launch and designing and creating online courses

  • Aug: Content creation competition

  • Sep: Pilot for students