If your tax files are distributed all over your house, it's a bit hard to get your return done on time. It's the same with school data. When your records are locked away or sprawled across the system, you cannot visualise trends or do anything about them. An educator without data is just a person with an opinion.  Project Insight seeks to do more than second guess. It seeks to provide evidence-based assessments and interventions.

The Insight project aims to put system data into one big bucket so that we can slice and dice the facts and figures for teaching, learning, faith and well being. If we can collate and identify the needs of our students, we will have a greater chance of addressing them. If we know where the best practices are, we can learn from them. Project Insight will be supported by Cortana Intelligence Suite and Cognitive Services allowing teachers to detect sentiment, key phrases, topics, and language captured in our system.

Project Delivery

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Key Features

  • Data in the same place
  • Natural language query
  • Insight about the system
  • Address inequity

Key Dates

  • May: Defining requirements for teacher, student and school analytics

  • Jun: Develop user experience for analytics

  • July – Dec: Consolidating data and refining advanced analytics