Why is CEWA providing this system (LEADing Lights)?

In order to provide each student, teacher and parent across WA with a consistent and full picture of experiences and progression in their schools, the LEADing Lights initiative provides a common foundation cloud platform for the benefit of all schools helping enable our focus areas of Learning, Engagement, Accountability and Discipleship (LEAD). By joining and building upon the collective strengths and shared stories in schools, CEWA will be able to more quickly celebrate and promote the success of Catholic Education Western Australia.

By integrating the latest analytics and business intelligence capabilities, LEADing Lights will provide new insights and assist decision making, and in time shape the way our community transforms, innovates and supports learners and learning.

LEADing Lights provides opportunities for schools to reduce costs, increase learning services and leverage best practices with evidence based research from international educational organisations, national partnerships and CEWA schools. LEADing Lights will help bring to life the innovations in our schools supported by a platform to celebrate the transformative building blocks that as a system we need.

In preparation for 2017, LEADing Lights was announced on August 1 to all CEWA Principals. LEADing Lights provides schools with an opportunity to reflect on short and medium term planning as it relates to technology, people, digital resources, professional learning and how we are guided by the evidence or insight through analytics. LEADing Lights will provide a platform for the common benefit of all schools, building upon the innovations of schools, leaders and teachers who have embraced digital transformation providing experiences and expertise to all CEWA schools. LEADing Lights will provide a core digital platform for all schools to administer, share and collaborate within schools, communicate with other members of the CEWA community as well as external organisations to work together for the benefit of every student.

A LEADing Lights ‘Starter Pack’, containing planning and training materials for schools, will be provided to all CEWA schools in Term 4 2016.

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