When will LEADing Lights be available?

LEADing Lights will be implemented in stages over the course of 2017, with much of the technical work completed by the end of 2016. Creating the CEWA Identity in Microsoft Azure and linking Office 365 will be the first stage, followed by Insight Analytics and the Professional Learning and development platform. The integration of data sources and demographics information held in student administration systems will require more time but ultimately will provide a single place for school data as schools transition during 2017.

LEADing Lights builds upon global evidence and case studies, such as Denton who have implemented the same technologies as we intend.

Such a centralised and streamlined identity and data approach saved one US school system 146,000 staff hours of time in a school year, freeing the equivalent of over 100 full time teachers to focus their time on facilitating learning rather than searching for and interpreting data. (Denton, Texas, USA)

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