How might my role change as an IT school based staff member?

LEADing Lights systems are designed to make it as easy as possible for people in schools to find information and customise their content and profile to suit their needs. School IT personnel and companies will be able to support their school through an administration interface in order to manage school requests and assist individuals. Many technical and administration type tasks will be automated through workflows and enable IT and teaching staff to focus on tailoring LEADing Lights services to support the individual needs of the school. Through increased productivity and analytics captured in LEADing Lights, schools will be able to respond to changes faster and upgrade equipment based on evidence to align the ICT environment to school needs.

New Teaching and Learning programs in STEM and IoT and the development of system features will provide new opportunities and increased reliance on digital technologies at the school and require increased capacity of devices and infrastructure.

There may also be opportunities for CEWA technical staff to support colleagues and network schools to offer increased support.

LEADing Lights systems will require advanced skills in data analytics. Opportunities for IT personnel to increase training and certification in Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, O365, Cortana Analytics Suite, MDM solutions should be considered to support their expertise and generate higher levels of impact with LEADing Lights.

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