Emmanuel Catholic College Administrators switch to Forms

Teachers are not the only ones innovating with Office 365. IT managers and administrators are on to it too.

Kelly Lister, Emmanuel Catholic College Registrar and Alumni Coordinator, has been using Forms to survey parents for college tours, assemblies and parent information nights.

“Forms is extremely useful for applications for our music scholarships and also for obtaining contact information from our past students for our Alumni. After you have designed the form, it’s easy to put a link on your website for parents and student access,” she says.

Adi Trehan, ICT Manager at Emmanuel, showed Kelly how to use Forms and now Emmanuel is using forms even for scheduling staff flu vaccinations. For Kelly, the main advantage of Forms is that it saves time and declutters your inbox.

“We can access the results from the completed forms, which comes in an Excel spreadsheet. The diagnostics from responses are interesting to look at as well.”

All CEWA schools have access to Forms. It is one of the newer Office 365 apps that includes old favourites like Word and PowerPoint and new kids on the block – Teams, OneNote and Planner.

To find out more about what Office 365 can do for your school, enrol in an Office 365 webinar on our resource page: http://leadinglights.cewa.edu.au/resources/