Ever struggled to remember your 543rd username and password? Don't worry. You're not alone. It's the bug bear of modern computing and it affects young and old. But don't fear this is the very problem Project Concierge seeks to solve. By providing everyone in CEWA with a single user name and password, you can use your memory for better things like spicing up your next class.

This username and password is your backstage ticket to all CEWA services. That may not be music to your ears but there are two clear benefits you should be aware of. First, it makes access to stuff really easy. Second, it puts all your data and everyone else's information in one place. This allows you to easily access, store, collaborate and share all that amazing information as well as providing greater insights to support your interests and needs.

Project Delivery

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Key Features

  • Same sign on to CEWA services
  • Information for the whole system
  • One click to access staff details

Key Dates

  • Feb: creation of CEWA identity - migration of cathednet identity data and email

  • April: System migration of new identity commenced

  • Jun: Student credentials and duty of care completed

  • July: Student migration to CEWA 365 commences