Together, we see amazing stories of teachers at work whether in the Kimberly, Geraldton, Esperance or Donnybrook. Every school, every teacher and every student is a LEADing Light and Project Celebrate is about how we can showcase our amazing achievements. There is so much to learn and so much to be proud of in Catholic Education.

LEADing Lights provides a collaborative platform to share your own video channel using Stream or have a conversation using Yammer. All teachers will be provided with opportunities to enhance their personal skills as we work with Microsoft and Apple Education teams to make you certified.

Project Delivery

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Key Features

  • Home grown excellence
  • Conferences
  • Showcasing your school initiatives
  • Sharing amazing practices across the breadth of WA and the world

Key Dates

  • May: Edvantages app pilot phase

  • June: LEADing a Digital School Conference

  • Jul: Edvantages app for teachers launched

  • Sep: Edvantages app for students is launched