Apple Educator News features CEWA’s innovative DTLE

John XXIII College’s Claire Dernie, one of CEWA’s Digital Transformation LEAD Educators and Apple Distinguished Educators, has become the first Australian teacher to be featured in the Apple Educator Learning Centre’s news.

The Apple Educator Learning Centre news seeks to highlight great teacher practice around the world that employs Apple technologies. In this case, Apple sought to spotlight the great literacy work Claire was doing using iMovie.

Claire’s Year 5 class, used iMovie to narrate picture books and enhance their speaking skills. The students practised using voices, intonation, pace and volume to build reading fluency.

Higher levels of student engagement were noticed, and reluctant readers demonstrated increased confidence in recording and listening back to their reading.

Once finished, student movies were uploaded online, and QR coded bookmarks were made to accompany the picture books in the school library. Students who borrowed the books were then able to listen to Claire’s students reading along with the story.

Claire was impressed with the results her students were able to produce, as well as their quick uptake of the technology.

“Student engagement with this technology has been huge…the way they look at technology like the iPad has gone from seeing it as a toy, to this important tool for their learning and allowing them to explore their creativity,” she said.

“These are skills they’ll be able to take throughout their whole education…It’s great to see that they can take what they learn with them into other areas of the school”.