School Admin



Contemporary schools increasingly require the functionality of businesses. We want to have a system that does more than what we have today and include capabilities for enrolment, marketing, student alumni and parent engagement. For this reason, we are taking the best from companies like Apple to integrate tools that engage our community members and solve education and business challenges.

To help us, we've worked with business managers to develop systems and interfaces that work for real people in our schools. We've tweaked the best software for business management - Dynamics 365 and tailored these to a school context. We've integrated attendance, reporting, marketing, HR, finance, facility management, strategic planning and project management into world class enterprise tools.

Project Delivery

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Key Features

  • Enterprise level CRM and Finance System
  • Stakeholder design
  • Purpose built for schools

Key Dates

  • March- July: Development of student administration and financial systems

  • May: User experience including parent access

  • Jul: Testing of system – phase 1

  • Aug: Marks book, attendance and wellbeing module

  • Sep: Testing of system – phase 2

  • Oct: Timetabling initial implementation

  • Dec: Migration of all data into system for preparation of 2018 school year